Ring Tricks

Find Your Flow

Be smooth. Be comfortable with the rhythm of the ring before diving into new tricks. For that you'll want to be familiar with the holding positions.

Now General Tips for Tricks

  • Break a trick down into parts - Learn each part well.
  • Practice both sides of your body - Be ambidextrous.
  • Use the ground - Let your legs power your moves.
  • Set yourself up for success - Start practicing in a ring safe location.

Here is how to set up a proper ring court

You'll need a square area to play on that can support you doing a push up in either direction.

A cushioned flooring material is recommended for training new tricks and always for novice and intermediate skilled players. This means a fully carpeted space or one with an adequate size rug. If outside, play on grass, beach or tiled mats to protect the ring from drops. 

You want your court to be firm and secured. When outside, you need to seek out a space to keep the ring protected. When inside, you need to protect other things from the ring.

Clear the space you'll be practicing of all fragile things. For practicing moves where the ring could go literally anywhere, make sure cushioning is everywhere. Placing cushions along walls or playing over cushions may necessary.

When you have a ring space together, start learning tricks!