Cosmic Sport Ring

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You’re traveling through the universe when you discover a game so fascinating that you can make it a sport! It’s titanium beads will change the game forever and it's designed to do the coolest tricks in the solar system. This is the Cosmic Sport Ring, a finalized collab between One Drop Yoyos and Sling True Wonder Rings!

Every Cosmic Ring comes with a custom Sling True innovated 'Bead Towel' and a canvas tote that fits the ring and some gear perfectly.

The Sling True Bead Towel is designed for easy, quick bead cleanings on the go when playing outdoors and totally keeps the beads together when traveling with the ring.

Cosmic Ring and Bead Towel Made by Sling True™ in the USA, beads machined by One Drop Design™ in Eugene, OR.


We are carrying the Green and Multi Color Bead Rings • is carrying Silver and Purple Color Bead Rings!

Cosmic Beads

  • Titanium
  • Designed by Sling True
  • Machined by One Drop Design™ in Eugene Oregon, USA
  • Optimized shape to start easy and perform tricks
  • Anodized in bright colors with ceramic coating so they will last

The Outer Ring

  • High grade stainless steel (17-7 Stainless)
  • Expertly rolled and masterfully welded in the USA
  • Vacuum Furnace Stress relieved to retain shape


  • Lightness of Titanium + Bead design = Easier to start
  • Ready to hit the hardest tricks right out of the box
  • Fast play is rewarded, allowing rapid succession of tricks
  • Plays smooth with medium gyroscopic effect 

Cosmic Sport Ring

Tech Specs

Ring Diameter 9.6"

Bead Material Titanium

Bead Finish Anodized Titanium with High Impact Ceramic Coating

Ring Finish Burnished (For long lasting texture - adds grip for beads)

Bead Set Weight 0.69oz / 19.4g

Total Ring Weight 6.4oz / 180g

Friction Reside Very Low (Less than aluminum)

Drawstring Canvas Bag Weight 3.42oz / 97g

Product Design By Kurt Alford

Origin Made in the USA