Classic Style Wonder Rings -Solid Color

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This is our Classic Design Wonder Ring with colorful titanium beads!

It includes a Wonder Ring Bead Towel cleaning towel too!

Ring Design

Titanium Beads

Titanium offers key properties for a choice bead metal such as lightweight feel and high speed balance. This means you can land tricks with greater ease, make constant trick combinations.

Each bead is knurled with a classic crosshatch design to create extra grip when starting and then anodized to create a bright color finish.

Long Lasting Colors

We added color to make our juggling prop more exciting and offer better visibility for your enjoyment. The beads are coated with a hard ceramic layer that protects the colors and surface finish.

Even with this hard and impact resistant coating, we recommend taking care of your ring by playing over softer surfaces like carpet and rugs when inside, and playing over grass or on the beach when outside.

Included 1 Bead Towel

Each Haylo Wonder Ring comes with a custom Bead Towel for travel and cleaning.

Bead Towels simplify travel by holding the beads together so they don't rattle and Bead Towels double as a cleaning cloth for the beads. A  Bead Towel also enables  training with the ring to dampen drop noise so you can practice moves anytime.


The Haylo Wonder Ring is a perfect ring for learning the game. It's easy to start and lands tricks better than any kinetic ring game in history.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and give it a spin!


Tech Specs

Ring Material Stainless Steel

Ring Diameter 9.7in / 245mm

Ring Gauge 0.236in / 6mm

Ring Finish Mirror Polished

Bead Material Titanium

Bead Finish Anodized with Knurling and Ceramic Coating (for durability)

Ring Weight 6.14oz / 174.1g

Bead Set Weight 0.42oz / 11.9g

Total Ring Weight 6.6oz / 186g

Friction Reside Low

Designed by Sling True in Eugene, Oregon

Quality Made in China