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Sky Hoop Wonder Ring - Made with One Drop Beads

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Imagine a scaled up version of our Wonder Rings that floats like a cloud and cuts through the air. We invented Sky Hoop to revolutionize the game. It has quiet sound, changeable beads, bright colors and starts easier than any other ring! It's so easy to start, it offers many new no touch starts!


Each ring is made from comfort grip vinyl outer tube and strong shape retaining inner polyethylene - think Hula hoop - plastic tube. This new design provides a wider gauge ring making it easier to hold and adds surface area for the beads to grip. The vinyl itself adds to this making a revolutionary leap in ring technology increasing the grip so that the beads practically start spinning on their own!

With the Sky Hoop you can do a forward flip that starts the beads on its own and many other variations that makes this ring forgiving to practice and learn on. It’s soft plastic around the outer tube makes the ring quiet, dampening the sound of dropping it and allows for easy practice indoors and at night.

Change the look and feel of your Sky Hoop by adding more beads or switching out the colors! More bead shapes coming in the future. Also you can practice motions and harder tricks by playing with the Sky Hoop on its own. Juggling is super fun with this too!

Tech Specs

Ring Material Vinyl and Polyethylene

Ring Diameter 11.3in / 287mm

Ring Gauge 0.5in / 12.7mm

Ring Finish Smooth Grip

Bead Material Aluminum

Bead Finish Tumbled and Anodized

Ring Weight 3.5oz / 99.2g

Bead Set Weight 2.55oz / 72.3g

Total Ring Weight 6oz / 171.5g

Friction Reside None

Designed by Sling True Wonder Rings • Eugene, Oregon

Made in the USA