Trick 8: Roller Coaster

Horizontal Axis | Contact Trick | Starts in Forward or Reverse 

The roller coaster has been doubtless known since the earliest creations of the ring. It's a beautiful move that slows down the beads, making them easy to see and appreciate.

Key Tips:

• In the forward holding position, reach down and grab above the beads with one hand while rotating the ring into a horizontal (flat axis) position. Now you are doing the roller coaster!

• To keep it going, keep a down sloping angle always in front of the beads and hold the ring firm with one hand as you release the ring before the beads ever make contact with the other.

• Alternately, another way to think about getting into the trick is to hold the ring with one hand and hinge up the ring to the other straight into the horizontal holding position.

• For an extra awareness challenge, find out what it takes to get the beads to go around in the opposite direction. Clockwise or counter clockwise.

• You can speed up or slow down the beads with the slope you give to the ring.

Scoring Potential: 1 Second Count = 1 Point

Sling True Tutorial 

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