Tips for Ring Courts

Here is how to set up a proper ring court

You'll need a square area to play with plenty of room. Consider clearing a space where you can lay down straight in all directions.

A cushioned floor is recommended for training new tricks and always for novice to intermediate skilled players. This means fully carpeted or a adequate size rug.

If outside, play on grass, beach or a mat to protect the ring from drops. Puzzle piece mats work great for someone who wants to practice a lot. Otherwise, have one ring that you don't mind dropping hard... this works too. 

You want your court to be accommodating against loosing your ring. When outside, you need to seek out a space that keeps your ring protected. Use caution in a location where a ring can roll away or take a dive into deep water. Avoid docks until you are basically a pro. When inside, you need to protect other things from the ring. This includes lamps, plates, mugs, trinkets, mirrors and framed art.

Clear the space you'll be practicing of all fragile things. For practicing moves where the ring could go literally anywhere, make sure cushioning is everywhere. Placing cushions along walls or playing over cushions may necessary.

When you have a ring space together, start learning tricks!