Ring Design & Basic Info

The making of our new Wonder Rings

We envisioned a ring that was clean playing, easy to start and offers top level performance out of the box. We created that ring and this is how we did it.

We knew a top performing ring because we had one that rose to greatness after 10 years of play. You see, the original well playing rings were made of a soft metal, namely leaded brass that would actually “break in” over time.

The beads performance would actually change over time as its material eroded away through its friction with the outer ring. This as you can imagine created an unsafe ring because the lead from the brass would rub off on your hands or drift as a fine dust into your surrounding playing area.

So these old rings had this great problem, but through play we established the right bead design as the brass eroded and molded into its final form. The new sling true sports ring takes this form and we lost the brass by swapping it for titanium, and now it’s safe and colorful through ti anodization.

We picked our metal based on great advice from a metallurgist in Portland and teamed up with One Drop Design (the makers some of the highest end yo-yos in the world) to manufacture the best possible bead components.

We found local welders who were experts of the craft of joining stainless steel and gave out ring rolling process to the best spring makers in the country.

We created a sustainable packaging for the rings that offers utility every time you play. We are now offering a sport ring that is the best made and highest performing ring ever made. Now it’s your job to go have fun with it!


The weld point•

We make our welds perfect because that’s what’s needed to make the ring consistent, for both landing tricks and proper sound.

The stainless ring

We chose a high grade stainless steel that will withstand friction better and resist oxidizing over time.

The titanium beads

Easy to start because they’re light, top performing because they are cut that way and going to stay like that because titanium is awesome.

Bead design

We added subtle wavy curvature to the outer rim of each bead for better grip, lost weight to the outer half of the bead cross section for enhanced rotational inertia qualities and optimized the curve of the inner diameter to make it easy to start and hold on to the ring through every trick.

The Bead Towel Invention

This packaging keeps your beads at bay when you carry it around. It’s easy to take on and off and doubles as a cleaning cloth to wipe down the ring and beads if they get dirty.