Trick 0: Controlled Loft

Standard Axis | Loft Trick | Starts in Forward or Reverse 

The controlled loft is technical toss that keeps the ring on a steady plane and the beads in the same place. 

With some practice with the controlled loft, you’ll find yourself in a good place to start practicing other Loft Tricks like Arm Overs, Spins, Leg Ups and Snazzy Catches.


Sling True Tutorials


Scoring Potential: 0 Points (Normal)
1 Point (Above Shoulder Height)

Key Tips:

• Try catching the ring so your arm ends straight down by your side so it’s extended the lowest you can.

• Match the motion of the ring as it falls.

• Loft the ring using mostly your body and legs for power. Think power from the ground.

• This trick can be repeated rhythmically to establish a continuous flow.

• Try catching on your finger tips to hone your grip.

• Find an infinity crossover by tossing the ring to the other side hand. With one flow repeat the crossover loft back to the original had to complete the infinity.

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