Trick 2: Privy Flip

Standard Axis | Loft Trick | Starts in Forward

Lift up the ring with a slight rotation forward to get the beads to flip around from the underside. 🔮Starting and landing in forward holding. 🔮 Toss to other hand to make it a Crossover!

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Scoring Potential: Single Privy Flip = 1 Point | (Double Privy = 2 Points)

Key Tips:

• Practice with an in active ring to get the motion of the beads for the Privy Flip.

• You want to put a slight forward rotation on the ring as you loft it. Again, try this with the beads in active first.

• With practice it will feel like a straight up toss to get the beads to privy around. 

• For an extra awareness challenge, find out what it takes to get the beads to go around twice for a Double Privy!

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