Trick 4: Half Barrel Roll

Standard Axis | Contact Trick | Starts in Forward or Reverse

A fundamental ring trick that opens the door to all barrel roll tricks.

Key Tips:

• Try practicing without the beads active to learn the movement.

To do so, simply toss the ring clockwise or counter clockwise so that the ring rotates 180° and catch the beads. Then do the same toss and catch at the point exactly on the opposite end of the beads.

• When you activate the ring, try the same toss and the beads will move out of the way right before you catch the ring.

• You'll notice that you can roll the ring clockwise or counter clockwise which is inward or outward depending on which hand is lofting. - - - The Inward Direction we call Tack and the Outward is Tuck. This becomes very important describing barrel roll tricks later on. ---- Tuck is Easier in the beginning.

Scoring Potential: Single Half Roll = 1 Point

Sling True Tutorial 

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