Trick 5: Pocket Switch

Standard Axis | Contact Trick | Starts in Forward or Reverse

A great way to change the direction of the beads. 💫 Simply allow the beads to roll down the ring and cross to the other side. As soon as they enter “the pocket” give the ring a downward push while holding on to it. With the right timing, they will change directions!

Key Tips:

• The Pocket is a location on the ring where the beads find their best footing. Take note of this when you are in forward holding and find the mirror of that when you go into reverse for the Pocket Switch.

• Go into the trick with the beads rolling fast and steady. The beads should be in a tight formation. 

• The key to this trick is the quick downward push to get the beads lock into the new side of the ring they've just moved to.


Scoring Potential: Pocket Switch = 1 Point

Sling True Tutorial 

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