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Classic Wonder Ring | Aluminum

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The remake of the original Sling True Classic!

Super affordable and insanely fun to play with, give our aluminum bead Wonder Ring a try! 

With the lighter aluminum beads you'll find this ring easier to start, more forgiving when learning new tricks, and quiet playing compared to the titanium version. Offered in bright, high contrast colors to delight the eyes and make tricks more visible. 

There is something to this version that can't be put into words. It's just perfect honestly. Each ring comes with a Bead Towel for easy bead cleaning (for dirt/dust/oil buildup).

Tech Specs

Outer Ring Material Stainless Steel

Ring Diameter 10in / 254mm

Ring Gauge 0.236in / 6mm

Ring Finish Mirror Polished

Bead Material Aluminum,

Bead Finish Anodized with Knurling

Ring Weight 5.55oz / 157.3g

Bead Set Weight 0.42oz / 11.9g

Total Ring Weight 6.6oz / 186g

Friction Reside Low

Designed by Sling True in Eugene, Oregon

Quality Made in China